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Local sheet metal manufacturing company: 50 years in business and stronger than ever

As Republic enters its 50th year of existence, the business not only survives, but thrives.

In today’s gloomy economy, many businesses – large and small – are here today and disappear tomorrow. With high unemployment, falling stocks and a relatively weak dollar, businesses have an uphill battle to survive. In an effort to reduce production costs, most companies are resorting to outsourcing their manufacturing to cheaper third world countries. Republic Sales and Manufacturing, an old-fashioned family-owned manufacturing business, however, not only survives, but thrives in today’s economy.

Incorporated in 1962 as Southwestern Sheet Metal, the Dallas-based company quickly grew to become one of North Texas’ largest metal manufacturers. The company was the factory contractor for General Motors, Proctor & Gamble, among other large industrial operations. The company changed its name to Republic Sales and Manufacturing to better reflect its global capabilities.

When the fourth generation acquired the small business in 1991, Republic used their now diverse education and experience to begin manufacturing their own brand of industrial pneumatic equipment. Republic continues to advance its roots in sheet metal by constantly adding new equipment, technologies and capabilities while also using sheet metal expertise to manufacture the Republic Blower Systems line of air knives, centrifugal blowers, regenerative blowers. and positive displacement blowers. Because all manufacturing is in-house, Republic has full control over product design, materials, processes and distribution channels.

As Republic enters its 50th year of existence, the business not only survives, but thrives. In 2012 alone, Republic added 10 new jobs to the 67 existing employees. On track for a year of record sales, Republic Sales and Manufacturing proves that manufacturing is not only alive in the United States, but thriving.

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